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A wholesome and balanced diet is a key element to good health. Free-range poultry is bred traditionnally and fed exclusively with natural products – that’s why Auvergne’s Free-range Poultry has the unrivalled taste of authentic products. It is also officially certified by the French “Label Rouge” and IGP (“Identification Géographique Protégée”, Protected Geographical Designation) quality marks.

Superior quality guarented by the "Label Rouge" requirements"


This quality mark is only attributed to top-quality poultry with firm and tasty flesh. To get this mark, strict standards must be met :

  • Our poultry is free-range : it is bred in large, grassy and shaded environments – therefore preserving their taste.
  • Its food is naturally rich in cereals.
  • Each step of the production process is meticulously checked.

Certified authenticity with protected geographical designation


With its vast plains and volcanic mountains, Auvergne offers an extraordinary rich terroir. On these plentiful lands, passionate farmers dedicate themselves to offering outstanding taste while respecting traditions – so that you can enjoy the authentic taste of free-range poultry.
In addition, the exceptional nutritional qualities of these products make them particularly popular.


Auvergne’s Free-range Poultry's commitmens to consumers are set out in the Bee Naturel Charter. The Auvergne Free-Range Poultry program for the benefit of all.

The 4 pillars of Bee Natural Charter:

  • Animal Welfare: A farming method that respects the animal welfare, Respectful slaughter of poultry.
  • Fight against antibiotic resistance: Demedicalisation in animal production (no antibiotics nor synthetic chemicals)
  • Enhanced and accessible traceability: Introduction of a QR code that links to the video of the breeder who raised the poultry in question
  • Biodiversity on farms: Reforestation of free-range area with trees, shrubs and melliferous plants, Installation of beehives on free-range areas with training of farmers in beekeeping, Development of a sustainable and non-GMO agriculture

​For more information on the Bee Naturel charter, click here 


For your health and pleasure, choose auvergne's free-range poultry !

It is recommended to eat poultry 3 to 4 times a week for a good dietary balance. 
Auvergne’s free-range poultry has both excellent nutritional qualities as well as incredible taste ! 
With their low fat flesh, they provide a rich source of proteins, minerals and vitamins.


Silver medal obtained by Auvergne’s Free range Guinea fowl at Paris International Agricultural Show 2023



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